About Paige Properties

In 1999, Mr. Paige built the Paige Apartments and thus started Paige Properties. Always wanting to “keep it in the family”, Mr. Paige recruited two of his children to bring their families and come and help with his project; in management, maintenance, and construction.

With two college degrees and 11 years teaching experience, past business ownership, a Real Estate Brokers License, and 20 years in property management between them, Judy Conrad and Aaron Bristol stay busyturning houses into rentals, and rentals into homes.

Since then, we have built the North Star Apartment complex, 80 units so far, and branched out too, helping people to successfully rent their homes, from Cotter, all the way to Norfork, looking to serve folks all over Baxter County.

Mr. Paige, 86 years young in 2017, has moved on to a thriving backyard Nursery, specializing in internet sales, staying busy at home with his wonderful wife of 60 years. Meanwhile, Judy and Aaron are now the faces of Paige Properties, forging on, expanding services, renting like crazy, while at the same time battling some crazy economic times. We know you are battling the economy too and we want to help, so call us and see what we can do for you.

About Our Staff

Aaron Bristol   

Aaron Bristol is our Broker and Property Manager here at Paige Properties. He writes and oversees our contracts and leases and helps handle tenant relations with all properties under our management. A Christian husband and father of ten, he is active in the community and a member of The River Bible Church.

Judy Conrad

Judy Conrad is our Office and Apartment Manager for Paige Properties. She handles the bookkeeping and accounting for the business as well as tenant relations with all properties under our management. A Christian wife and mother of six, she attends and is an active member of East Side Baptist and The River Bible Church.

Miranda Queen

Miranda Queen is our Office Assistant for Paige Properties. She manages our online presence, pays bills, sends out invoices and answers the phone as an all around jack of all trades.

SHANNON & Marty Brown

Shannon and Marty are our Maintenance Team and handle the majority of our maintenance and repairs at the North Star and Paige Apartments, as well as painting and bi-monthly filter changes.