Deposits And Fees

- Applications -

Our applications are a two page document that can be filled out in as little as five to ten minutes, and apply to all of our properties, whether apartments, houses, or duplexes.
We offer hard copies in our office, email copies, download options, and online submission. Take a look at it on our Application page!

Our Application fee is $25 per adult on the application.

This fee covers the cost of checking your credit.

- North Star & Paige Apartments -

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Apartment - $600/month
    - With All Utilities Included: $800/month

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Apartment - $530/month
     - With All Utilities Included: $730/month

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Apartment - $545/month
     - With All Utilities Included: $745/month

Pet Deposit - $200 per adult pet
Kitten or Puppy Pet Deposit - $300 per pet
(See our Rules And Regulations for more information.)

Security Deposit Is Equal To One (1) Month's Rent

We Accept NHRA (HUD) Assistance In Our Apartments ONLY.

None Of Our Properties Are Income Based.

We require the first month's rent, a security deposit and any applicable pet deposits before moving in. 

Pro-Rated Rent

We pro-rate our rent to lower your move-in costs!
This means that the required first month's rent will only cover the days you're on the lease.
For example, if you sign a lease  half-way through the month,
the first month's rent will be reduced by half!

- Apartment Utilities - 

We pay for sewer and trash. The residents are responsible for water, gas and electric.
Water is a flat $30 fee paid in our office.


Paige Apartment Utility Providers - 

Our Special Utility Package -

We offer an All Utilities Included Package for our apartments. This consists of adding an extra $200/month onto your monthly rent and will cover your water, sewer, trash, gas, and electric with an $150 cap on gas and electric. 
This could save you up to $450 in transfer fees and deposits!

See our other local providers on our Mountain Home Information Page!

- Houses & Duplexes -

Our houses and duplexes greatly vary in size, location, and price. Check our Houses For Rent page to get the exact details. 

All our security deposits are equal to one month's rent. 

Pet deposits (if pets are allowed) range between $200-$400

Applications Fees are $25 per adult on the application.