Rules and Regulations

RENT : Due on the 1st of the month. Mailed to: 21 North Star Circle, Mountain Home, Ar. 72653 Paid in person during office hours, or put through the mail slot in the office door (Must be put in an envelope) (Your account is invoiced for your rent amount on the 1st of the month. Any balance on your account after the 5th of the month will have a $25.00 late fee added. Another $25.00 fee will be added for any balance after the 15th.)

LOST KEYS, AND LOCK OUTS - There is a $25.00 service charge for lost keys or “locked outs “ after three o’clock Monday through Friday and anytime on Saturday and Sunday. You will be invoiced for the charge. Call the office # if needed, after hour calls will be forwarded. 

PETS:  Any animals discovered without a security deposit will be charged DOUBLE. No pets can be babysat or kept temporarily without a deposit. We do not accept any pets over 20 lbs. No livestock or outside pets. Inside pets require a deposit and must be approved by management.
No Mice, Rats, Gerbils, or Hamsters. No more than 2 pets allowed. The minimum pet deposit is $200.00. Each cage or tank equals one (1) pet.
Each dog is $200. Each cat is $200. Puppies and kittens are $300 deposit each. No animals may be left unattended or tied up outside the building for any period of time. If you must walk your pets outside, you are required to walk them behind the buildings or at the end of the property. You must pickup, bag , and dispose of the animal waste in a trashcan. There is a leash law for all dogs and cats with-in the city limits.

ALTERATION AND DECORATION: Tenants may decorate the apartment by hanging curtains, pictures, knickknacks, etc. An over the door hanger must be used for any decorations to be hung on the doors. Any other alterations must have management approval. Painting, wallpaper, borders, stencils, etc. are not allowed.

MAINTENANCE: Please contact your apartment manager Aaron Bristol, or office manager Judy Conrad, during office hours at (870) 424-7888 on any repairs needing attention. You many also email us at or Request A Repair on our website.

If you have an EMERGENCY after office hours or on weekends, you may contact Aaron Bristol at 321-6179.
We consider an emergency maintenance request anything that might do harm to you or the apartment. Including but not limited to: NO HEAT, NO AIR CONDITIONING, LEAKING WATER PIPE, OVERFLOWING TOILET, ETC.

GUESTS: Guests must be accompanied by residents when on the premises. Residents are solely responsible for the conduct of their guests and are responsible for all damages or other problems caused by their guests.

OCCUPANCY: Only people listed on the lease may occupy the premises. Additional tenants found living in your apartment without permission with the office first, will have an increase in your monthly rent of $200 month.

NOISE: Please remember that this is an apartment community. Noise may not exceed reasonable levels at any time. The tenant shall not make or permit any loud, improper, or boisterous conduct or otherwise disturb the comfort or interrupt the sleep of other tenants. All radios, televisions, and stereo equipment, or any other appliances or items which may cause noise, etc., must be turned down to a level of sound that does not annoy or interfere with other tenants. Disturbing other residents unreasonably is grounds for eviction. If noise from another apartment is disturbing you unreasonably, please call or go to the office identifying the source of the noise if possible.

BUILDING OPERATING SYSTEMS: Except for controls within their apartment, residents are not permitted to interfere with or attempt to operate any of the building’s equipment or operating systems including lighting, plumbing, and electrical. All systems such as: drains, garbage disposals, toilets, and electrical outlets, will be used in the manner reasonably intended. Any damage caused by the resident to the above systems will be charged to the resident.

HEATING AND COOLING/UTILITIES : Apartments have central heat and air-conditioning with individual controls. The heat is hydro- heat using natural gas. Tenants are responsible for their own electric bill and gas bills. Utilities must be switched over to your name upon signing of the lease. The utility companies will cut off service if not switched over within 14 days of signing the lease.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Tenant shall not keep on the Premises any item of a dangerous, flammable or explosive character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire or explosive character that might unreasonable increase the danger of fire or explosion on the Premises or that might be considered hazardous or extra hazardous by any responsible insurance company.

WATER: The tenant will act reasonably to conserve water and will report running toilets and faucets to Management upon discovery.

DRAINAGE SYSTEM: Any damage caused by unreasonable use into the drainage or waste pipes of the Leased Premises shall be the Resident’s responsibility to pay the plumbing expenses occurred.

RESIDENT DAMAGE: Paige Properties is responsible for repair and maintenance of apartment damages caused by normal wear and tear. Residents will not attempt to repair damage without management approval. Damages caused by resident misuse or negligence will be repaired by Paige Properties at the resident’s expense, including labor and materials.

SMOKE DETECTORS: Smoke detectors are supplied by Paige Properties. The tenant is not allowed to disconnect the smoke detectors for any reason.

SMOKING: Although smoking is permitted in and outside of your apartment. It is your responsibility to make sure that any cigarettes smoked by you or your guest are not left out on the sidewalk, parking lot, or the grass. Receptacles for cigarettes must be brought inside while not in use.

OUTSIDE YOUR APARTMENT: Residents will not obstruct entrances, doorways or staircases. Do not place brooms, mops, shoes, etc. for everyone to see. Porches must be kept clean.

  • Do not leave trash bags on landings or breezeways. Dumpsters are provided for this purpose. If Maintenance disposes of your trash, from your building, or from any other place on the property, you will be assessed a $10.00/bag fee.  
  • Breezeways and landings are not to be used for storage. Outdoor furniture (furniture designed to be left out in the weather) and potted plants, in water tight containers are permissible.  
  • Receptacles for cigarettes are not permitted to be left on porches. Management reserves the right to require resident to remove any undesirable items from breezeway or surrounding your apartment doors.

MAIL: Individual mailboxes are located on the property. You will be assigned a key.

LOITERING: Spending time idly, loafing, and "hanging around" is not permitted in the parking lot or on sidewalks adjoining the parking lot. If you congregate in the breezeway, please be considerate of your neighbors, don’t block stairways, and for those of you who have children, feel free to use the playground.

TRASH: Dumpsters are located on the property. Trash must be placed inside dumpster. Please be sure to place your trash in plastic bags secured tightly at the top. Any boxes must be broken down.

B.B.Q. GRILLS: A minimum distance of ten feet from the apartment building must be met when the grill is in use. Gas grills only may be used. Charcoal grills are prohibited at the apartments

AUTOMOBILES: Parking spots are available for all tenants. No parking on grass, lawn, curb or any other area other than what is provided. Any vehicle improperly parked will be towed away at the owner’s expense. No vehicles, which are inoperable or in a dilapidated condition shall be permitted on the property. Automotive repairs and maintenance are prohibited in the parking areas.

SPEED LIMIT: Speed limit at all times on the property is no more than 10 MPH.